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Pamper Your Dog With Washing and Grooming From B-Pro in Brampton

Pamper your pet with a spa experience at B-Pro Grooming in Brampton. Our skilled technicians never rush and the grooming is done at a comfortable pace for each animal depending on his age, behaviour and health condition. In other words, we keep your dog until the job is done properly. Each pet is treated individually with kindness, respect and proper grooming to meet the standards of the breed. All grooming is by appointment only.

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Our grooming services feature:

  • Environmentally friendly and allergy safe products
  • Temperature controlled premises
  • De-fleaing (always free)
  • De-skunking
  • Special consideration for age and health
  • Treatment of nails, ears and anal glands
  • Water massage
  • Hot oil treatments
  • Medical and hypo-allergenic treatments
  • Parasite and skin disorder shampoos

B-Pro Features the Finest in Equipment

We are proud to feature only the finest equipment available. B-Pro Grooming has a tub with a side opening to allow big dogs to walk in and we use stainless steel to ensure a sterile environment. Your dog will enjoy our new, bone-shaped table complete with hydraulic and electric movement. The blades and clippers at B-Pro Grooming are always kept sharpened and in proper working condition. We use cages to ensure the health and safety of your pet.

We Alleviate Your Dog’s Anxiety

B-Pro Grooming can alleviate your dog’s anxiety and fear. We will take time to make sure your pet has a happy understanding of the grooming world. Puppies are played with and pets often sleep between procedures. They are never left alone at any time. Your pet will be given time to relax before starting with a walk, cookie or play. We constantly observe all animals for anxiety, stress or discomfort and respond accordingly. B-Pro Grooming will note any conditions that should be reported to a vet.

Grooming for the Season

B-Pro Grooming will not send your pet home in his underwear. In the hot summer and cold winter, the animal’s health could be in danger if their coat is cut too short. Looking out for each pet’s health and wellbeing is why we say we speak for the pets that come to us. Owners pay the bill but pets pay the price if their grooming is not done with care and consideration of all coat types and breeds.

Your Pet Will Look and Smell Great

Appointments can be booked for specific services like bathing or nail treatment. B-Pro Grooming adds a lot of special extras at no extra charge. You will see the difference and your well-groomed pet will leave our facility smelling great with a shiny coat. Most of our first-time clients have the same response to our exceptional grooming services – “our pet has never looked so good.” See pictures of our past clients.

7-Day Guarantee for Grooming Services

Our staff has low turnover and managers have been a part of B-Pro for a great number of years. We ensure top quality by looking over every pet before they leave our premises. At the end of their grooming, they go out the door with their bows or bandana, colouring or nail painting, looking smart and well-groomed. We offer a 7-day guarantee for our services and we will re-do the groom at no extra cost to you.


Intergroom NYC - International winner of two gold medals in 1984 & 1985

Certified Master Groomer in good standing (Canadian Professional Pet Stylists)

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