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Learn All Aspects of the Dog Grooming Business with B-Pro in Brampton

B-Pro Dog Grooming Academy is a government certified and registered private career college. Our facility boasts only top-of-the-line equipment featuring the latest in technology. For your benefit, all equipment is supplied by the school.

Students must have graduated from Grade 12 and be interviewed by the school to be accepted. No appointment is necessary between 9 a.m. and Noon, Thursdays through Saturdays. A certified cheque is required to register. You can pay prior to the course with the cheque due the week before classes begin.

Length of Course

Full Time

-  36 weeks, 3 days a week

-  9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday

Course Outline

-  Retail

-  Accounting

-  Customer service

-  Promotional sales

-  Finishing

-  Scissoring

-  Management, vet clinic,

   grooming and retail


A diploma is issued upon the successful completion of our course.

Basics of Grooming

This is offered upon completion of the course. Class is presented in basic, intermediate and advanced levels, followed by identification of the difference in grooming hounds, terriers, toys, working, sporting, non-sporting, herding and miscellaneous classes of dogs and cats. Class includes the bathing, brushing and drying of up to 5 animals a day (dogs and cats).


  • Cleanliness and safety: Covers the importance of proper procedures, handling of equipment and sanitation in the grooming shop.
  • Tools of the trade: We will discuss the selection, cleaning and maintenance of equipment, along with the correct application and handling of basic tools. Students will be offered demonstrations by various distributors of equipment and supplies used in grooming.
  • Retail and hospital procedures
  • Anatomy: Canine and feline basic grooming anatomy
  • Kennel feeding: Proper diet, maintenance and operations
  • Operating your own business: Topics covered include location, client lists, filing, purchasing, inventory and advertising.

Animal Behaviour

  • Handling and control: B-Pro Dog Grooming Academy will teach you the basic handling of animals and the need for safety muzzles in the grooming salon.
  • External parasites and their control: You will learn how to spot and control them and when a vet is needed. We will cover up-to-date control methods and medications.


  • Styling, scissoring, creative styling and finishing: B-Pro Dog Grooming Academy provides specific instruction in clipping and scissoring applications.
  • Finishing touches: Explore the proper use of bows and other seasonal applications, promotional skills and advertising within the grooming industry.
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Customer Relations

Learn how to work with the public, veterinarians, other groomers and organizations. You will learn the proper care and procedures involved with boarding. Associations and memberships affiliated with the grooming industry will be discussed.

Computer Skills

Learn the computer skills you need that pertain to veterinary clinics, grooming salons and kennels. This includes point of sales (P.O.S) programs.

About the Instructor

Barbara Hodgkinson is an international gold medalist and master certified groomer who has been grooming for over 38 years. For 20 of those years, she has been committed to teaching others. She is well known throughout the industry due to her experience and expertise. Barbara was formerly the Canadian educator for the Sunbeam/Oster Corporation. She was previously an equipment advisor for Pet Supply House.

“I look forward to meeting you!”

- Barbara Hodgkinson

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